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On Saturday, November 5th, Aidan’s Heart Foundation teamed up with pediatric cardiologist Devyani Chowdhury, MD and Haverford High School to host our 6th free heart screening event for kids ages 5-19. Over 150 youth were screened, and while 15 were recommended to follow up with their pediatricians for minor issues such as high cholesterol, two children were found to be at risk for potentially life-threatening heart conditions that can cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

We are grateful for the numerous volunteers, particularly Dr. Chowdury and her team, Athletic Director Joanne Patterson of HHS, and especially Monique Doughterty and the Sean Patrick’s Day supporters who provided the funding for this event in honor of late Havertown resident and SCA victim Sean Dougherty.

We will keep checking hearts and saving lives!

Stay tuned for our next event, tentatively scheduled for September 2017.

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Aidan’s Heart Foundation is committed to providing awareness, education, and support to the communities of the southeast Pennsylvania region and its surrounding area to create heart-safe communities for youth regarding the prevention of and/or response to Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


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