“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

Sixth Grade students at Downingtown’s Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center participate in a program called Agents of Change. There are different groups of students assigned to programs that touch on making a difference, “making a change”. One of the groups of students partnered with Aidan’s Heart Foundation in Spring 2018.

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Marsh Creek Principal Thomas Mulvey said the school partnered with the United Way of Chester County this year and redeveloped the Agent of Change component of its Art and Identity project.


“We got together and took the best of our ideas created by other teachers and ideas for projects that grew out of kid’s passions and we developed a system, a curriculum, that inspires kindness, inspires action, and inspires creativity to help solve real-time problems in our community and in our world,” Mulvey said.


He explained that students learned, through technology, about the problems that plagued their communities. As part of a community service project team of up to six homerooms, the students passionately worked on about six problems.


Steve Silva, co-founder of Aidan’s Heart Foundation, and others host a hands-only CPR class at the school and he has worked with Dinniman, who helped create “Aidan’s Law” to help schools afford an AED in the building. Aidan, a Downingtown elementary school student, died of sudden cardiac arrest in 2010.

“We wanted to make sure no other parents went through what we did, losing a child,” Silva said. “You as a group are changing lives and literally saving lives.”

Source: Daily Local News, May 14, 2018